Manager/Sr. Manager - Portfolio & Asset Management (Power Plants)

Supporting portfolio and asset commercial management for power plant / Battery storage assets owned and operated by Company.

Under the direction of the Vice President/Director – Portfolio & Asset Management, working closely with coworkers from Portfolio & Asset Management, Accounting, and Finance functions. The person will be responsible to support the following activities:
• Invoicing & reconciliation: Support in preparing and reconciling monthly invoices to various counterparties.
• Budget control & reporting: Support in preparing annual budgets, proforma, presentations, monthly asset manager reports, monthly reports to shareholders.
• Regulatory issues: Support the oversight and compliance of all projects permits and licenses. Support Legal in FERC’s registration of management changes.
• Contracts control: Update and monitor the existing and new Resource Adequacy agreements, Power Purchase Agreement, Gas Purchase agreements, Insurance, Energy Management Agreement, and others.
• Financial affairs: Support in controlling the project’s finance/credit agreements documents and obligations, letter of credit/collateral/parents guarantee etc.
• Plant operational issues: Support plant operational issues such as forced outages, unplanned outages, unbudgeted expenses, analysis of financial impacts and others.
• Merchant project monitoring and risk control: Review merchant power plant asset data and update monthly earnings projection. Support merchant risk discussion with project partners.

Job Requirements
• Bachelor’s degree in engineering or science, finance, economics, accounting, or related field.
• Highly proficient in Excel, PPT, and Microsoft Office products.
• Experience in managing complex financial models using excel.
• Familiarity with project documents of operating assets/project companies etc.
• Good written and verbal communication skills, as well as analytical, problem solving, organizational and time management skills.
• Self-starter and proactive in making continuous improvements with motivation to learn.
• Experience within the electric power generation industry including asset management or operations roles is preferable.